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An image is worth a thousand words, for this reason we want to show you a selection of our portfolio since 2014. We want you to know more about ourselves and our last projects.



Quindio Server and Dripper.

Wolf & Miu.jpeg

We are very proud of this project. Wolf & Liu coming to the studio was a challenge for us because the object we made has very technical lines.This type of products require our skills as potters. 


First of all, we helped to make the prototype in volume, we produced the plaster folds and we chose the glaze. Then, we got down to create the Quindio Server and Dripper machine.


After seeing the final result, we realised that slow and detailed process has made us grow as potters and artists.


We encourage you to try Wolf & Miu’s filtered coffee! Personally, we really loved the experience to enjoy this piece we had done with so much love and effort.




This project has an important connection and complicity with its roots. Primo Restaurant’s chef told us about the importance of their dishes, especially in terms of sizes. And we handle it with a great enthusiasm!


This is a project that has been underway for 4 years, an example of the connection between the client and the ceramists. From their indications and based on their trust and freedom in the creative process, we have produced the dishes for this wonderful and delicious restaurant.

Have a wonderful evening at Primo Restaurant and discover how gastronomy and ceramics come together to offer you an amazing experience!

Screenshot 2021-06-26 at 12.



The botijo & The Porrón

Tradition and creativity. What is better than coming back to the origins? La Vida Cerda shared with us the utility of their product and we make the design for them.


This is how “The Botijo” and “The Porrón” were born. We wanted to put a twist on traditional products and make them ours with our design signature. We love the combination between white, brown and the typography on the final result!


Are you thinking of surprising someone with a very special gift? Visit La Vida Cerda! You will find something original that will surprise this person you are thinking of.



Ceramic shapes

A project where communication is a must. For this project, we worked together with some shapes and styles. She was mostly in charge of making the ceramic prototype and we take care of the copies. Teamwork!


How do we do it? Sometimes we do pieces completely handmade and sometimes we count on with mold. We assess which is the most suitable for the product!


Unique pieces made with care and collaboration, with exceptional results.

9812 copy.jpeg
9812 copy 2.jpeg



Ceramic shapes

Lisa is a ceramist who is in charge of her own production for years and has an exquisite taste for the design and the realization of her works.


She has developed an incredible interest in new shapes, that’s the reason she delegated us the designs of their production.


We are really excited to be able to collaborate with her and her amazing work. Do you want to know more about Lisa Llegra?





Ceramic shapes

Valeria is a great example of a designer who shares the plan with us and from there, we do everything else!


From her plan, we take care of the process: prototype, mold and final production.


We love Valeria’ style and we are very proud to be part of her creation. Her pieces are amazing!





Cuit Studio is a design studio located in Amsterdam. From their prototype we take care about the rest of the process to reproduce it!


Collaborating with an international project and knowing that our works are being enjoyed in other cities is very gratifying and impressive for us.


Lola played

The odd couple studio is a project born from the passion and respect for the environment. A place where creativity, design, crafts and love for nature coexists, just like in VuelaSola and HombrePez. For this reason, it has been so easy to work with them, and also we enjoyed the process as friends.


We have worked hand in hand in the creation and production of this handmade ceramic jug through molding technique.


We love the handle, a log naturally treated with the sea. Land and sea are combined as unique concepts in this jug. 


A glass of fresh water is different if it is served with Lola jug!

9812 (1).jpeg
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