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Vuelasola is a handmade ceramics workshop, we intervene in the process from the design to the final product and as a resource we use different traditional techniques.

Since 2014, which this adventure began, our hands are the real protagonists. We are a combination of design and tradition. We solve our ideas with traditional techniques, but with the freedom to make and undo ideas until we find the way we visualize and want. 


Our passion for design and for the utilitarian object is transmitted to our works, which we define as minimalist. As you can see, we endow our designs with their own style full of personality. Keep in mind that all of them are special, unique and different, there will be no other like it! 


We conceive our ceramics as an exercise in free creation, as a different and calm experience, focused on the value of small things, but embracing and respecting the technique of the profession. All this accompanied by closeness and esteem towards the people, the process and the product. 


You can find us in Barcelona, specifically in the Zamora Street 103-105 and, also inour online store!

Mily Brezmes 

Fly alone

Artisan and passionate about the oriental world, which has influenced her work since its beginnings, along with the synthesis of form and the color white as a hallmark.

Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country, with Honors, and specialization in Sculpture and Ceramics.

Master from Elisava Faculty of Design and Engineering of Barcelona.

He has worked for different restaurants, putting all his art into the creation and production of tableware sets, lamps and design objects. In addition, he has a great vocation to share and teach, for this reason he has developed and continues to develop different training in the artistic field.

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Barcelona, the aspiration for growth, chance and great motivation, make magic, giving rise to this work project: Vuelasola. In a way completely natural, with his workshop he found a place with the aim of creating to continue growing.

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